First Baptist Church of Manasquan, NJ

First Baptist Church of Manasquan


Join Martha Diana on Tuesdays at 1:30 as she leads a group study on Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Drive Life.  The group will meet in the large Sunday School room, beginning January 19th.

The Purpose-Driven Life is a manifesto for Christian living in the 21st century…a lifestyle based on eternal purposes, not cultural values. Using biblical stories and letting the Bible speak for itself, Warren clearly explains God’s five purposes for each of us:

  • We were planned for God’s pleasure
    • so your first purpose is to offer real worship.
  • We were formed for God’s family
    • so your second purpose is to enjoy real fellowship.
  • We were created to become like Christ,
    • so your third purpose is to learn real discipleship.
  • We were shaped for serving God
    • so your fourth purpose is to practice real ministry.
  • We were made for a mission
    • so your fifth purpose is to live out real evangelism.

January 19th, 2016

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