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In all of my Years of preaching, I have never had a more positive response to a sermon series than I did to our recent series, “Believe.”  That series was based on material developed by Randy Frazee, the senior minister of Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he teaches and leads in partnership with pastor and author Max Lucado.  Over a period of thirty weeks we looked at ways that we can think, act and be like Jesus.

While doing some follow up work on the series I came across a great assessment tool developed by Frazee and based on the four focus questions we asked each week.  The booklet is entitled “The Christian Life Profile Assessment Tool” and it is available on  (remember, if you use the link on our web page, you support First Baptist Church whenever you shop at Amazon)

If you would like to complete the assessment and  review it with me, just let me know.  If there is enough interest, we could also have a few sessions as a small group to review.  I am pretty sure I can convince someone to host us in their comfy back yard for a few summer evenings…

I’ve already ordered mine and can’t wait to view the results!



June 14th, 2016

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