First Baptist Church of Manasquan, NJ

First Baptist Church of Manasquan


Philippine Roundtable Trip 1-2016 , Denise Gratzel
Just show up!
We don’t need to be anxious about anything when God has made the appt . We just need to show up . He is the master planner , chief programmer , and CEO . He picks the time , the people we will uncounted and even the food we will eat . He has sent His spirit to arrive on time and with everything we need . What’s our part ? Well that’s the hard part . We first have to be still enough to hear His voice and the second is to keep the appt . Made . Being careful not to let anything stand in the way . Do not let fear of the what it’s , who else will show up , am I sure I want to do this now . Am I capable . We just need to do our part and show up ! And if all goes according to the master plan , or The Master’s plan all will receive a blessing . This blessing will the give us the ability to carry on the Kingdom work set before us . I am reminded on this trip that we are All missionaries called by God to arrive at His special appointed time that all my advance the love of Jesus to All the world . You do not have to take Mission trips to be used , not all of us have that desire or call. But we are told to be salt and light . To use what is given to us and to bless others less fortunate . But most of all to love one another as I have loved you . This is Agape love , the kind of love that has no boundaries and is unconditional . This is very difficult , human nature wants to refute us to live with conditions , I will love you if you love me first and don’t hurt me in the process. Agape love lives the unlovely , loves those who don’t love us or even like us .
When we learn to live as Jesus loved , we then can arrive on time with no fear and come away with the blessing of ” I am so happy I kept my appointment with my Savior .

January 15th, 2016

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